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election 2021



June 21, 2021

Preliminary Findings by Observation Missions

Almost 9000 local and international observers followed the process of the vote on Election Day, including the count after the closing of the polls. Several of those missions released their preliminary findings and/or held press conferences to present their observations.

International Observation Missions

1. OSCE Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights
2. Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) observation mission
3. CIS Interparliamentary Assembly
4. Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
5. OSCE Parliamentary Assembly
6. Parliamentary Assembly of the Collective Security Treaty Organization
7. Civil Chamber of the Russian Federation
8. International Organisation of Francophonie

Local Observation Missions

1. Transparency Anti-Corruption Center (788 observers)
2. Armenian Center for Human Rights after Fridtjof Nansen (59 observers)
3. The Choice is Yours (1,952 observers)
4. Legal Progress Law Club (177 observers)
5. Dignified Officer (150 observers)
6. Armenian Helsinki Committee (13 observers)
7. Civil Consciousness NGO (89 observers)
8. Federation of Youth Clubs (25 observers)
9. Legal Culture Development Institute (636 observers)
10. International Center on Development of Parliamentarism (26 observers)
11. Democratic Ararat (102 observers)
12. Khayadta Federation of Assyrian Organizations of Armenia (60 observers)
13. Asparez Journalists’ Club (524 observers)
14. Union of Informed Citizens (1,015 observers)
15. Progress of Gyumri Civil Society Development Center (559 observers)
16. Restart Gyumri Initiative Centre (508 observers)
17. Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor (1,033 observers)
18. Women’s Rights House NGO (523 observers)
19. Direct Democracy NGO (510 observers) 

Independent Observer Statement

The Independent Observer mission (700 observers) was represented by: Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor Office, Union of Informed Citizens, Gyumri Progress CSDP, Women's Rights House NGO, Gyumri Restart Initiatives Center NGO, and Direct Democracy NGO.

The early parliamentary elections of Armenia, in which 25 parties and party alliances participated, were held in a competitive environment. Despite the allegations of electoral bribery in the days leading up to and on election day, some of which were followed by criminal cases, voters were largely free to express their electoral will.

Despite the widespread use of hate speech during the election campaign, the use of words contrary to democratic values ​​and human rights principles, they did not have a direct impact on the voting process, except for clashes in some polling stations and the incident of gunfire shots fired in the morning.

The unresolved shortcomings of the electoral legislation changes allowed some of the participating political forces, especially the Armenia Alliance, I Have Honor Alliance and the Prosperous Armenia Party, to abuse their financial, economic and administrative resources. The ruling Civil Contract party also used administrative resources to influence the free will of voters. This election clearly demonstrated the need for the full, comprehensive implementation of legislative reform to guarantee free and fair elections.

Violations during both the campaign period and on election day did not have a significant impact on the election results.

Although the political will to fight electoral crimes was essential, there is a clear need for systemic radical changes in the judiciary to ensure that justice and public confidence are in place to prevent electoral violations; and to give indisputable and credible legal assessment to recorded electoral rights violations and to the actions of violators.

Improper election administration remains a concern․ Due to the improper training of the chairs and members of the precinct election commissions, the competent, uninterrupted implementation of the electoral process in some precincts was not ensured. 

We believe that those who have committed electoral crimes should be prosecuted, which we will pursue by a follow-up control. The electoral legislation, system and administration of the Republic of Armenia need significant reform.


OSCE/PACE Press Conference

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (OSCE PA) and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) observers presented their preliminary findings and conclusions on Armenia’s parliamentary election campaign and election day. The overall conclusion of the observation mission was that although the elections were polarized and marred by aggressive rhetoric, they were well-mannered, well-run, and competitive. Despite a few minor irregularities in polling stations, the elections took place without compromise to the democratic process.

“Despite the limited time for the implementation of the recent amendments to the Electoral Code, the administration of the elections was positively assessed by the majority of our observers,” said Margareta Cederfelt, OSCE PA Vice-President and Special Coordinator of short-term OSCE observers. “Most of our observers also assessed election day positively, up to and including the vote count.” She did, however, point out that the elections were not fully accessible for people with disabilities.

Also commenting on the newly-introduced electoral changes, OSCE PA Vice-President Kari Henriksen explained that although they “resulted in larger representation of women in the candidate lists, they [women] remained largely absent from the public discourse during the campaign.” She added that in addition to women’s equal representation, they should be “given the opportunity to engage actively in public and political life.”

The Director of the OSCE's Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), who was also on the observers’ panel, noted that the work of OSCE and PACE observers was not obstructed on or before election day. He expressed his satisfaction for having engaged with both civil society and political forces and for the general respect shown for fundamental rights and freedoms. His suggestions included the improvement of campaign finance laws, and ensuring media freedom and the security of journalists, in response to incidents of physical harassment of reporters.  

The OSCE PA and PACE will publish their joint final report on Armenia’s parliamentary elections in around two months.


CIS Mission Press Conference

According to Ilhom Nematov, the Head of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) election monitoring group, serious violations that could have affected the outcome of the early parliamentary election were not registered. He noted that because 25 parties and alliances participated in the election, voters had a broad choice from which to select a candidate. Throughout election day, the CIS election monitoring group managed to visit 700 polling stations. 

Akanates Observation Mission Press Conference 

Akanates is represented by: Transparency International Anticorruption Center, Law Development and Protection Foundation, and Asparez Journalists' Club NGO.

Today during a press conference, Sona Ayvazyan, the head of the Transparency International Anticorruption Center announced that the electoral process was generally well organized and smooth, without large-scale gross violations. There were, however, small tensions and minor violations in several polling stations. According to her, tensions in several polling stations were connected to the presence of unauthorized people in the polling stations, influencing voters or controlling the voting process. Ayvazyan also noted that the vast majority of the violations were done by the representatives of the Armenia Alliance, although there were also violations by the proxies from the I Have Honor Alliance, Civil Contract Party, the Armenian National Congress, Prosperous Armenia Party and the Awakening Party. 

Genya Petroysan, the representative of Law Development and Protection Foundation said that one of the most common violations was the controlled voting and voter influencing. The observation mission reported three cases to the police connected to influencing voters. Petrosyan also noted that rights of the representatives of the observation mission were also violated. 

Among other violations, the observation mission representatives noted that there were cases where the number of the proxy persons from one party/alliance was more than allowed by law. There were also cases where candidates were present in polling stations and refused to leave. Those types of violations were registered among Armenia Alliance, I Have Honor Alliance, Civil Contract and Prosperous Armenia parties.

The observers also registered violations outside the polling stations where they noted people with voter lists checking if a citizen voted for a particular candidate. The transfer of voters were also registered by the observers. The representatives of the observation missions also noted cases of power outages but those did not affect the ballot counting process. 


The Akanates Observation Mission issued two statements on June 20, summarizing their activities.

Akanates Observation Mission Statement [8 a.m.]

Akanates is monitoring the June 20, 2021 snap parliamentary election in all regions and districts of Armenia.

The mission has engaged 583 observers deployed to a nationally representative random sample of 300 polling stations, where they will be monitoring the morning preparation, the poll opening, the voting process and the counting of ballots. In addition, 22 mobile observer teams will be circulating among multiple polling stations and TEC-monitoring teams will be overseeing the work of the territorial electoral commissions.


Morning Preparation and Poll Opening

General Overview

AT 7:00 am, Akanates received check-in reports from its observers at 96.3% of the 300 polling stations being observed.

There were no major problems with access of Akanates observers to polling stations. There was only one instance of an observer temporarily being impeded from entering the location.  

Observers found that polling station officials largely followed the necessary voting preparation procedures, and that the process was smooth, without significant incidents. The presence of unauthorized persons was observed at 2% of polling stations. In 99% of polling stations, the sealed cabinet requirements were followed. At 99% of polling stations, the voter data was properly imported into the Voter Authentication Devices and the printout confirming the number of registered voters was produced successfully.

The presence of campaign material was recorded at 2% of observed polling stations. At 99.6% of polling stations, the room setup guaranteed the secrecy of the vote. There were four polling stations where issues were recorded in this regard, which were subsequently corrected.

Only 27% of observed polling stations are not accessible to voters with disabilities.

Polling stations largely opened on time at 8:00 am; however, 8% opened before 8:00 am, 9% opened from 8:01 – 8:10 am, and 1% opened later than 8:10 am.


Critical Violations

During the opening of the polling stations, the following issues were observed:


Impeding Observer Access

At Polling Station 20/29 in the Chambarak community of Gegharkunik region, the chairman of the precinct electoral commission prevented the entrance of the Akanates observer to the polling station, insisting that the observers should enter at 8:00 am together with the voters. Territorial Electoral Commission No. 20 was informed, as a result of which the observer was able to enter the polling station at 7:30 am.


Presence of Unauthorized Persons

At Polling Station 8/47 in the Shengavit district of Yerevan, the school guard was present in the polling station and voting room. The chairman of the commission was advised to solve the issue, but the latter clarified that the school guard was there to make sure that outsiders do not enter the area. The guard was present in the voting room until 8:25 am. The chairman of the precinct electoral commission refused to record the violation in the poll register.


Problems With Sealed Cabinets

At Polling Station 9/24 in the Kentron (Center) district of Yerevan, the sealed cabinet was opened at 6:45 am. According to the chairman, the members of the commission had arrived early, and that is why the cabinet was opened earlier.

There were recorded instances where some of the ballots were left outside of the sealed cabinets because there was not enough space in the cabinets to fit them all.


Problems with the Ballot Box

In a number of polling stations, circular holes in the bottom of the ballot boxes have been observed.

The Akanates (Eyewitness) coalition is a domestic, non-partisan observation initiative founded in 2018 by Transparency International Anticorruption Center, Journalists’ Club Asparez, “Restart” Scientific and Educational Foundation and Law Development and Protection Foundation. Its main goal is to promote free and fair elections and the improvement of the electoral process and institutions in Armenia.
Akanates Observation Mission Statement [4 p.m.]

The Akanates observation mission continued its observation of a sample of 300 polling stations, spread across every region of the country.

Following up on our earlier communication regarding poll openings, below are incidents observed over the course of the voting process throughout the day.

Intentional violations of ballot secrecy and surveillance/directing of voters

  • At Polling Station 34/24, within the amalgamated Sisian municipality of Syunik region, the voter announced that he had not received a #3 ballot as left the voting booth.

  • At Polling Station 9/44, in Yerevan, the authorized agent for the Armenian National Congress Party was sitting next to the voting booth at an angle that violated voters’ ballot secrecy. The PEC chair was notified, after which the PEC chair asked the authorized agent to move but was refused. Subsequently, a police officer also requested the authorized agent to move but was also refused. The authorized agent argued that he has a right to oversee the room. After some time, the authorized agent eventually moved.

  • At Polling Station 20/50, within the Geghamasar community of Gegharkunik region, between 8։00 am and 9։15 am, a few military servicemen voted without maintaining the secrecy of their ballot. Our observer brought the incidents to the attention of the PEC chair, who invalidated the ballots. At 9:50 am, another military servicemen submitted an empty envelope and left the polling station. The PEC chair affixed a holographic stamp on the empty envelope and dropped it himself into the ballot box.

  • At Polling Station 9/58, in the Central (Kendron) district of Yerevan, at around 1:00 pm, the authorized agent of the Armenia Alliance arrived and positioned himself very near the voting booth, such that he violated the secrecy of the vote. When this was raised by our observer, he moved away from the voting booth.

  • At Polling Station 20/57, in the Geghamasar community of Gegharkuni, region, our observer noticed that the authorized agent for the I’m Honored Alliance, Zoya Gevorgyan, had lists with her that contained the first and last names of voters, on which she was making notes and subsequently making phone calls. Gevorgyan is the mayor Shatjrek. Our observer noticed her cooperating with the authorized agent for the Armenia Alliance. Gevorgyan also made regular calls to one of the commission members, and the two went up to the second floor to discuss. Our observer approached Gevorgyan to ask what list she had and whether she knew these people. Gevorgyan responded “These are my residents, shouldn’t I know who has come? I am making notes for myself.” Our observer informed the PEC chair, suggesting that he believed that voters were being surveilled.

  • At Polling Station 29/8, in the city of Abovyan in Kotayk region, the authorized agent for the Prosperous Armenia Party was frequently speaking with voters as they went in to vote and directing them. Our observer made a note of this in the official register for the polling station, which upset PEC chair Ashot Virapyan. An incident was also recorded. Subsequently, the authorized agent left the polling station.

  • At Polling Station 21/51, in the city of Vardenis in Gegharkunik region, at 10:55 am, our observer noticed that the #24 ballot handed to a voter had a mark on it. The incident was reported to the PEC chair and a party authorized agent. The PEC chair canceled the ballot and recorded the incident in the official polling station register.

  • At Polling Station 24/57, in the Shnogh community of Lori region, our observer noticed a vehicle bringing voters to the polling station. It was a white Nissan Teana, with license plate 92AA007. Our observer saw the vehicle return and bring an elderly lady. As the lady exited the vehicle, the driver said “#24, don’t forget.” Our observer photographed the vehicle and tried to speak to the driver but was not able to. Next to the vehicle was a police patrolcar.

  • At Polling Station 10/24, in the Erebuni district of Yerevan, the authorized agent for the Armenia Alliance (according to others in the polling station, our observer was not able to read his badge) regularly directed voters to the voting booth and ripped the unused ballot papers. Other than that, our observer noticed that the authorized agent took the ballot papers from the hands of a PEC member and gave them to the voters.

  • At Polling Station 11/27 in Yerevan, our observer noticed that a voter, after already having voted, returned to the polling station wearing different clothes. A second voter also did this. The PEC chair also noticed and asked the person to leave the premises. Our observer also noticed a vehicle that was regularly bringing people to the polling station.

  • At Polling Station 34/4, in the city of Goris in the Syunik region, the observer for the Legal Culture Development Institute, Artur Hambardzumyan, directed a voter that was familiar to him to vote for the Armenia Alliance.

  • At Polling Station 36/48, in the city of Jermuk in Vayots Dzor region, our observer recorded instances of the authorized agent for the Armenia Alliance directing voters. Specifically, he spoke to them as they approached the voting booth together, and whispered to them asking if they had voted correctly or not. Such violations were continuous. Also, the number of authorized party agents exceeded the maximum limit set in the Electoral Code (2), as multiple agents went in and out of the polling station, without the times being recorded in the official poll register. The PEC chair did not take any steps to correct these violations.

  • At Polling Station 11/34 in the Ghukasavan community of Ararat region, our observer recorded multiple instances where the authorized agent for the Armenia Alliance, Sos Vanoyan, directed voters. Ghukasyan is also a deputy mayor of a village. As voters from his village came in, he directed them and ordered them around as they voted. Those present were left with the impression that the authorized agent was placed there to oversee the fulfillment of previous arrangements with voters regarding their choice. The PEC chair was informed of the violations, however the necessary response was not undertaken. The PEC chair only warned the authorized agent after receiving a phone call. Our observer was not able to ascertain who made the phone call.

  • At Polling Station 23/32 in the Lernanist community of Kotayk region, the local mayor, Artyom Hayrapetyan, came in and out of the polling station from time to time, spoke with different PEC members, including the PEC chair, and then approached our observer and urged him to “take a light approach to issues and not cause problems” and then asked for his address. Our observer asked the PEC chair to address the situation and record the incident in the official polling station register. This request was refused with the excuse that the PEC secretary was not currently present and would take care of it later. It was eventually recorded in the register but the mayor continued to come in and out. Around 4:20 pm, the mayor returned with a badge certifying him as an authorized agent for the Civil Contract Party.

  • At Polling Station 19/17, in the city of Gavar in Gegharkunik region, our observer took notice that the Armenia Alliance had more than the maximum number of authorized agents (2). Each time they were warned, they would leave the polling station, but the issue kept being repeated.

  • At Polling Station 6/26 in Yerevan, our observer that a woman tried to take out the unused ballot papers after voting, instead of disposing them in the wastepaper bin behind the voter screen. The PEC members also noticed and did not allow her to leave with the unused ballot papers. The incident was recorded in the official polling station register.

Impeding the work of our observers

  • At Polling Station 36/48, in the city of Jermuk in Vayots Dzor region, a PEC member impeded our observer from photographing the official polling station register, specifically the page outlining the rotation of duties among the PEC members throughout the day (which is the result of a lottery). The PEC chair was informed of the violation and eventually permitted the page to be photographed.

  • At Polling Station 19/17, in the city of Gavar in Gegharkunik region, during the counting of the holographic stamps, a cameraman for Yerevan.Today abrasively pulled our observers’ arm, saying that he was blocking his shot.

Violations of the voting procedure

  • At Polling Station 8/14, in Yerevan, voters were permitted to vote without signing the paper voter list. They had already left the polling station. Our observer requested the violation to be recorded in the official polling station register; however, the PEC chair refused, insisting that it should be taken up with the territorial electoral commission (TEC).

Other violations

  • At Polling Station 19/17, in the city of Gavar in Gegharkunik region, our observer noticed around 1:10 pm that a PEC member had failed to stamp approximately 300 voter receipts (which are printed by the Voter Authentication Device and then collected at the ballot box).

Some of the violations have been recorded in the official polling station registers; however, others were not, despite requests on the part of our observers.


Statements by Parties and Alliances of Parties Regarding the Outcome of the Election


National-Democratic Axis 

The elections held under the rule of the semi-colonial regime did not differ significantly from the previous ones.

The people had not yet healed the catastrophic wounds of the war organized by Russian-Turkish-Azerbaijani forces and conditioned by the current and former regimes in Armenia, when the same actors, with their united efforts, put them in front of a forced choice between "bad and bad."

Taking into account many facts, we announce that: 

1) We declare the elections unfair, not free. The results are contradictory to the sovereign goals of Armenian statehood, therefore those are also unacceptable.

2) We declare the government formed based on the results of this elections, and any actions taken on behalf of the Republic of Armenia including internationally signed agreements, if those refer to the November 9, 2020 statement (except for provisions on ceasefire and humanitarian issues) or stem from it, are illegitimate and subject to cancellation by the future national government.


Armenians’ Homeland Party

The early parliamentary elections of June 20, 2021, of the National Assembly are over and by their illegality those can be qualified as the most disgraceful elections in the newly independent history of the Republic of Armenia.

There was wide distribution of election bribes, illegal arrests of pre-election headquarter chiefs, total power outages in almost all regions of the country, directed open voting, the removal of unused ballots from polling stations, total use of administrative resources, gross violations of pre-election campaign, elections held in the conditions of actual usurpation of the highest power of the country, etc. 

Those violations are essential and have directly impacted the results of the election. Hence: 

We do not recognize the results of the falsified National Assembly election of June 20, 2021 and we assess it as illegitimate and not expressing the will of the people;

We are going to apply to the Constitutional Court within five days with the demand to declare the results of the falsified National Assembly elections of June 20, 2021 invalid. The announcement is open for others to join. 


Babajanyan-Shirinyan Democrats’ Alliance

The leader of Babajanyan-Shirinyan Democrats’ Alliance issued the following statement on his Facebook page:

Dear compatriots,

Democratic elections were held in Armenia, where freedom of voting was ensured.

Therefore, any attempt to revise the result with post-election developments will be an encroachment on Armenia's stability, state recovery, and public solidarity. In other words, it will be an internal attack on Armenia.

For me personally, yesterday’s election of the National Assembly was not the end, but the beginning.
It is important to assess the situation pragmatically to prepare for persistent and consistent work, because politics does not happen in any other way. Politics cannot be a chain of guaranteed successes, therefore there cannot be a success for a force that is not ready for failure and relevant conclusions.

Thanks to the Chairman of the Christian-Democratic Party Levon Shirinyan for the joint journey.

Thanks to my colleagues within the party for their dedicated and unconditional hard work.

Thanks to all those who voted for us and supported our alliance of democrats during this difficult time.

Congratulations to all of my colleagues within the Civil Contract Party for an undisputed victory and for making the democratic processes in Armenia irreversible after the national catastrophe.

Good luck to all of us.


5165 National Conservative Movement Party

Dear Compatriots,

We thank the citizens of the Republic of Armenia who trusted us and voted for the 5165 movement. These votes are very precious and obligate us and we assure you that our continuous struggle will justify the importance of your trust.

At the same time, we have to mention that the election was marked by widespread irregularities, government resources were used throughout the campaign period, well-known methods were used, an atmosphere of unprecedented hatred was generated by various forces, threats of violence were made, voter lists were exaggerated, inaccuracies were reported and power outages were registered in some of the cities during the vote count. Based on these circumstances, the 5165 movement believes that the election did not meet the standards of democratic elections and thus it does not accept the final results.

Despite the official results, the 5165 movement believes that the presence of the current regime is destructive for our statehood and we will continue our struggle for Armenian people and Armenia.


Bright Armenia Party

Dear Compatriots,
The Bright Armenia Party is grateful for each vote and assures that every vote cast in favor of the party will continue serving the interests of the Republic of Armenia.

At the same time, we believe it is important to register the following about the June 20, 2021 early parliamentary election.

The Bright Armenia Party, as a parliamentary force advocating for state interests, prioritizing domestic political stability and peace, did its best to overcome the post-war crisis in the country, which could be achieved only through early parliamentary elections.

The Bright Armenia Party is unwavering in its position that the election is the means for the citizens of the Republic of Armenia to decide what kind of leadership should be formed to lead the country in the coming years.

The Bright Armenia Party respects the decision of the people but at the same time declares that it will continue keeping issues regarding internal political solidarity and restoration of unity in the country on its agenda as well as reaffirms its conviction that national unity is the only way for coming to terms with the challenges the country is facing.

The Bright Armenia Party wishes productivity to the forces that will be represented in Parliament for the benefit of the Republic of Armenia.

The Bright Armenia Party will continue its participatory role in all the political processes taking place in Armenia, preparing for the local self-government elections expected in the fall.

Republic Party

We value your trust and feel obligated before you. The Republic Party congratulates the winning force and wishes them success in such a crucial and difficult period for the Republic of Armenia. We want all the forces that will be represented in Parliament to work for the benefit of our country and statehood and we respect the wishes of their voters. We do not differentiate among the citizens of our country. The Republic Party promises its voters that it will continue sharing its views with the same rigor by trying to balance the foreign policy of the Republic of Armenia, offering investment programs and solutions for strengthening the economy. We wish peace and prosperity to our people and productive work to the National Assembly of the eighth Convocation.


Awakening National Christian Party

The executive body of Awakening National Christian Party issued a statement saying that the elections were organized in violation of the requirements of the Constitution and the Electoral Code of the Republic of Armenia as well as the Convention on the Standards of Democratic Elections, Electoral Rights and Freedoms in the Member States of the Commonwealth of Independent States. “The pre-election campaign of the Civil Contract Party was filled with calls for hatred, violence and psychological coercion, which were confirmed by the decision of the Administrative Court. A number of violations were registered during the election and although the early election was organized to address the political crisis in the country, it did not serve the purpose. 
The party does not recognize the results of the 2021 parliamentary election.”


Statement by Armenia Alliance

The Armenia Alliance issued a statement saying that the results of the early parliamentary election are highly controversial and do not instil confidence. The following is an unofficial translation of that statement:

The results are in conflict with various manifestations of public life that we have witnessed over the past eight months, with the results of public opinion polls, including the ones conducted by international organizations and finally, with simple common sense. The large campaign rallies of the opposition, the small number of people attending the gatherings organized by the ruling power and the crisis of confidence signaled a completely different mood in the country. One of the most serious reasons for the lack of confidence/trust were the hundreds of calls coming from different polling stations on election day about the systemic, pre-planned falsification of election results.

Considering the above-mentioned, the Armenia Alliance prioritizes the in-depth and substantiated investigation into all of the registered and alleged violations, which they will start doing immediately. As long as all the problematic issues have not received comprehensive explanations and the suspicions have not been dispelled, the Armenia Alliance will not accept the election results.


9 a.m.: The Central Electoral Commission released the results of all 2008 polling stations across the country. 

The top five: 

  • Civil Contract Party – 53․92%

  • Armenia Alliance – 21․4%

  • I Have the Honor Alliance  – 5․23%

  • Prosperous Armenia Party – 3․96%

  • Republic Party –  3․04%


All Parties and Alliances of Parties:

1. Fair Armenia Party – 3,921 votes (0.31%)
2. Armenian National Congress – 19,647 votes (1․54%)
3. Citizen’s Contract Party – 687,251 votes (53․92%
4. Awakening National Christian Party – 4,623 votes (0․36%)
5. Freedom Party  – 1,842 votes (0․14%)
6. I Have the Honor Alliance  – 66,633 votes (5․23%)
7. United Homeland Party – 956 votes (0․08%)
8. Pan-Armenian National Statehood Party – 803 votes (0.06%)
9. Bright Armenia Party – 15,557 votes (1․22%)
10. Our Home is Armenia Party – 12,162 votes (0.95%)
11. Republic Party – 38,713 votes (3․04%)
12. Armenians’ Homeland Party – 13,115 votes (1․03%)
13. Free Homeland Party – 4,136 votes (0․32%)
14. Prosperous Armenia Party – 50,416 votes (3․96%0
15. Democratic Party of Armenia – 5,017 votes (0․39%)
16.  5165 National Conservative Movement Party – 15,534 votes (1․22%)
17. Citizen’s Decision Party – 3,771 votes (0.3%)
18. Shirinyan-Babajanyan Democrats’ Alliance – 19,142 votes (1․5%)
19. National Agenda Party – 721 votes (0.06%)
20. Ascent Party – 1,245 votes (0.1%)
21. Liberal Party – 14,923 votes (1․17%)
23. European Party of Armenia – 2,786 votes (0․22%)
24. Armenia Alliance – 268,165 votes (21․4%)
25. National Democratic Axis Pan-Armenian Party – 18,767 votes (1․47%)
26. Sovereign Armenia Party – 3,558 votes (0.28%)


1:55 a.m.: Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan arrived at his campaign headquarters to a cheering crowd. During his speech he thanked the citizens of Armenia for being able to once again stand in unity and for restoring national integrity: “It is time to restore public and national unity,” Pashinyan said and went on to thank the residents of all of Armenia’s towns, cities and villages, including the residents of Yerevan. “And just like I said during our last rally, I would like to once again explicitly express my gratitude.” 

Thanking the people of all the regions one by one, Pashinyan said that he is proud of all of them and bows before them. 

Pashinyan said that the people of Armenia have realized a second revolution in a period of three years. “If the first revolution was the velvet, non-violent, democratic revolution; in 2021, this time around was not only a velvet, non-violent one, but a steel revolution. The people’s will must be fulfilled in all cities and regions, in all spheres and ministries, in all local governing bodies,” Pashinyan said. He also noted that the era of rigged elections in Armenia is over and thanked the police, the national security service for ensuring this. “The government in Armenia, moving forward, will be formed through the will of the people. We have reached a stage where we must restore our national unity. We will start political consultations with all healthy political forces who took part in these elections. We will take steps to unify all healthy powers, in business, culture, and scientific spheres, and include them in governance. We can register that the people of Armenia have given the Civil Contract Party the mandate to lead the country and to me, as a candidate for prime minister, to lead the country. The people have also given us the mandate to be a country of laws. I want to also emphasize that the people have given us the mandate to establish a dictatorship of law and rights and we can not hesitate in implementing that mandate.” 

“I want to thank all those present [at the central headquarters of the Civil Contract party]. I want to thank the Civil Contract team who has overcome hellish trials in the last eight months. But this is not the individual accomplishment of any one of us but is the reflection of the fact that the team of the Civil Contract Party comes from the people, and carries the best qualities of the Amrneian people. However, I would also like to thank you all individually, I highly appreciate the work that each of you have done.” 

“Only a fraction of the results from the polling stations have been announced at this point but we can confidently say that the Civil Contract Party will have a parliamentary majority. We cannot be sure of the extent of that majority but it will be a persuasive majority, it will be clear tomorrow. However, it is also clear that the mandate given to us by the people is a persuasive mandate. I also want to invite all the voters to Republic Square tomorrow evening at 8 p.m., for a symbolic handing over ceremony of the iron mandate.” 


1:20 a.m.: According to the CEC, out of 165,643 votes cast, the following are the top five parties and alliances of parties:

Civil Contract: 97407 votes, 59.20%
Armenia Alliance: 30130 votes, 18.31%
I Have Honor Alliance: 9154 votes, 5.56%
Prosperous Armenia Party: 8073 votes, 4.91%
Republic Party: 3990 votes, 2.42%


June 20, 2021

10:20 p.m.: 500 out of 650 eligible voters have cast their vote electronically, which include the diplomatic corps and their families. According to the CEC, 45 ballots were invalid. The following results were released by the CEC:

Civil Contract Party - 163 votes
Armenia Alliance - 135
Republic Party - 17
I’m Honored Alliance - 14
Bright Armenia Party - 14
5165 National Conservative Movement Party - 12
Prosperous Armenia Party - 3

Armenia Votes 2021

Today, Armenian citizens voted in early parliamentary elections. Polls closed at 8 p.m. While the country waits for official numbers to come in from the Central Electoral Commission, EVN Report's Editor-in-Chief Maria Titizian speaks with Dr. Nerses Kopalyan about the process of the vote.

9 p.m.: According to the updates provided by the Central Electoral Commission (CEC),  1,281,174 people (49.4% of all eligible voters) have cast their vote as of 8 p.m.

Here is the regional breakdown of votes cast:
Yerevan - 442,846 out of 859,000 voters (51.55%)
Aragatsotn - 58,737 out of 117,472 voters (50%)
Ararat - 113,625 out of 223,360 voters (50.87%)
Armavir - 104,880 out of 235,840 voters (44.47%)
Gegharkunik - 86,173 out of 189,527 voters (45.47%)
Lori - 109,141 out of 233,552 voters (46.73%)
Kotayk - 121,212 out of 242,022 voters (50.08%)
Shirak - 93,510 out of 226,763 voters (41.24%)
Syunik - 66,252 out of 109,726 voters (60.38%)
Vayots Dzor - 26,132 out of 46,620 voters (56.05%)
Tavush - 58,666  out of 109,690 voters (53.48%)

8:43 p.m.: Between 8 a.m. and 8:30 p.m., the Police received 87 hotline calls, which were related to:

- 2 electoral bribery

- 3 influencing votes

- 36 technical issues at polling stations

- 46 spreading of information 

Five of those cases were reported to the relevant subdivisions of the Police to be processed in accordance with Articles 180 and 181 of the Criminal Code; 36 were technical reports and 46 informational reports which were sent to the territorial bodies of the Central Electoral Commission of Armenia and the Passport and Visa Department for further investigation.

8 p.m.: Polls are now closed across Armenia. The Central Electoral Commission will announce the final number of eligible voters who participated in the election at approximately 9 p.m. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the evening.


7 p.m.: The Early Election Working Group of Armenia’s Prosecutor General's Office has summed up the results of violations related to the election process:

A total of 338 reports were received during the day; 123 of those were from media reports; 91 were reports provided by individuals; two were received from the Human Rights Defender's Office; 65 from social media users, and 57 were reports received by the Police.

From those:

- 155 were related to giving, receiving or mediating in electoral bribes (in line with Articles 154.2 and 154.9 of the Criminal Code)

- 59 for obstructing the right to vote (Article 149 of the Criminal Code)

- 64 forcing or obstructing participation in the election campaign (Article 149.1 of the Criminal Code)

- 42 for vandalizing election posters (Article 185 of the Criminal Code)

- 18 for other reasons (Articles 177, 137, 118, 164 and 308 of the Criminal Code) 


212 reports on alleged electoral violations, which were abstract in nature, were sent to the Police for verification; 77 of those were either unconfirmed or left without examination, and the other 135 are still being investigated.

Out of the total 338 initial reports, 126 were sent to relevant investigative bodies to be processed in accordance with Articles 180 and 181 of the Criminal Code; 35 of those were rejected, while 65 are still in process.

26 types of criminal cases have been identified:

- 17 in relation to Articles 154.2, 154.9 and 34-154.2 of the Criminal Code 

- 3 related to Article 149.1 of the Criminal Code

- 1 related to Article 149 of the Criminal Code

- 5 related to vandalism of posters; Article 185 of the Criminal Code

Fourteen people have been charged for those cases; seven for taking electoral bribes; six for giving or attempting to give electoral bribes, and another for obstructing participation in the elections.


7 p.m.: As of 7 p.m., the Human Rights Defender's Office received 145 calls related to the electoral process, and examined 941 social media and media posts.

The calls were mainly concerned with access to polling stations, asking for information about polling station numbers and locations, violation of the voting process, exercising the right to vote in a medical institution, lack of ballots, difference in ballot sizes, the date of the election not being included in the voter lists, inaccessibility of voting for diasbled individuals.

The most frequent problems reported on social networks and media were violations of the ballot paper, non-issuance of ballots of a specific political force, cases of targeted voting by citizens, including servicemen, giving bribes to law enforcement forces, etc. 

Based on the results of the monitoring, the Ombudsman's representatives responded regularly, which included site visits. In particular, the Ombudsman’s office was alarmed about shots fired in the village of Azatashen, which was also investigated by the Police. Additionally, on the basis of a complaint, a rapid response visit was made to the headquarters of the Armenia Alliance in the town of Sisian, (Syunik region), where a private conversation took place.

6 p.m.: According to the updates provided by the Central Electoral Commission (CEC),  989,972 people (38.17% of all eligible voters) have cast their vote as of 5 p.m. Compared to 2018, at the 5 p.m. reporting mark, the turnout was at 39.54%.

Here is the regional breakdown of votes cast:
Yerevan - 344,868 out of 859,000 voters (40.15%)
Aragatsotn -  44,511 out of 117,472 voters (37.89%)
Ararat - 83,766 out of 223,360 voters (37.5%)
Armavir - 75,035 out of 235,840 voters (31.82%)
Gegharkunik - 70,836 out of 189,527 voters (37.38%)
Lori - 87,310 out of 233,552 voters (37.38%)
Kotayk - 93,828 out of 242,022 voters (37.77%)
Shirak - 73,171 out of 226,763 voters (32.27%)
Syunik - 51,383 out of 109,726 voters (46.83%)
Vayots Dzor - 19,888 out of 46,620 voters (42.66%)
Tavush - 45,376 out of 109,690 voters (41.37%)

5:50 p.m.: Armenia’s Human Rights Defender, Arman Tatoyan confirmed that he has spoken with Arman Babajanyan of the Shirinyan-Babajanyan Democrats’ Alliance regarding an earlier incident of shots fired at his car. Babajanyan informed Tatoyan’s office that law enforcement officials have already visited him and have taken his testimony. Babajanyan also said that he suspects the attack might have been in retaliation to certain opinions voiced at the end of his Alliance’s June 18 rally in Yerevan. The Ombudsman's office said the Investigative Committee has already filed a criminal case and that his office will closely follow the investigation.

5:20 p.m.: Armenia’s Human Rights Defender’s office released a statement saying that their representatives had gone to the Malatya Police Station regarding the detention of five people, two women and three men, all supporters of the Armenia Alliance and Prosperous Armenia Party. According to Tatoyan, their detention grossly violated their right to personal liberty, that there was no basis for their detention (there was no criminal case opened) and access to their lawyers was refused. Moreover, according to the lawyers, the police officers threatened one of the women with new criminal cases if their desired information was not provided. The Human Rights Defender will send the necessary information to the Prosecutor's Office. 

4:45 p.m.: As of 4 p.m Armenia's police had registered 57 complaints; 20 of those were found to have elements of a crime, while 37 did not. One of those cases was registered in Yerevan, the remaining 19 in the regions of the country. Fourteen were related to multiple voting, two were related to obstructing the right to vote, one related to violating voting privacy, one related to vandalism of furniture, one related to inflicting bodily harm and one related to a violation of another nature. 

3:56 p.m.: A resident of Vedi informed the Ararat Police Department about a case of voter bribery. The individual said that on June 19, a person had given him 30,000 drams for him and his wife to vote in favor of one of the alliances participating in the snap parliamentary election. In the early morning hours of June 20, a 43-year-old resident of Vedi was apprehended and taken to the Ararat Police Department. A criminal case has been launched. The individual has been formally charged.

3 p.m.: According to the updates provided by the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), 695,626 people (26.82% of all eligible voters) have cast their vote as of 2 p.m.

Here is the regional breakdown of votes cast:
Yerevan - 251,504 out of 859,000 voters (29.28%)
Aragatsotn - 28,987 out of 117,472 voters (24.68%)
Ararat - 58,767 out of 223,360 voters (26.31%)
Armavir - 51,536 out of 235,840 voters (21.85%)
Gegharkunik - 46,268 out of 189,527 voters (24.41%)
Lori - 61,081 out of 233,552 voters (26.15%)
Kotayk - 66,645 out of 242,022 voters (27.54%)
Shirak - 47,969 out of 226,763 voters (21.15%)
Syunik - 36,619 out of 109,726 voters (33.37%)
Vayots Dzor - 13,568 out of 46,620 voters (29.1%)
Tavush - 32,682 out of 109,690 voters (29.79%)


2:10 p.m.: Armenia’s Ministry of Defense (MOD) issued a statement about news circulating on social media networks and a number of news outlets that servicemen are being directed by their commanding officers to vote for a certain political force. According to the MOD, the allegations do not correspond to reality. The statement noted that videos showing servicemen being brought to polling stations is conditioned by the need to organize their movement in a systematic manner. “As for the campaign process and actual voting, the Ministry of Defense strictly prohibits election campaigning among servicemen and directing them to vote for any candidate...We strongly urge you to refrain from baseless, unsubstantiated allegations about servicemen voting,” the statement read.

2:15 p.m.: At a live press conference, Arman Babajanyan of the Shirinyan-Babajanyan Democrats’ Alliance addressed the earlier incident of shots fired at his car, saying he does not want to disclose any names at the moment but encourages people not to be afraid and to go vote. He added that those people are spreading fake news to media outlets and they will soon hold them accountable.

1 p.m.: Hayk Sargsyan, an MP from the Civil Contract Party uploaded a photo on his Facebook page of unused ballots of the Armenia Alliance and called them the “rejected.” The police issued a statement that they are collecting evidence in regard to the photo.

12:37 p.m.: After conducting a search in one of the offices of the Armenia Alliance in the city of Sisian (in the Syunik region), police also searched the apartments and cars of a number of representatives of the Alliance. As of now, there have been no arrests.

12:30 p.m.: Arsen Mkrtchyan from the Police Forces, provided updates on the violations registered with the police. The violations were collected based on the information reported by election observers, parties and alliances participating in the election as well as reports by media outlets. Since the start of the official campaign on June 7, a total of 246 cases were registered, 124 of which contained elements of a crime while the rest did not. From among the confirmed cases, 30 were registered in Yerevan, 20 in Syunik, 13 in Shirak, 12 in Gegharkunik, 12 in Ararat, seven in Vayots Dzor, seven in Aragatsotn, 11 in Lori, six in Kotayk, three in Tavush and another three in Armavir. Some of the reported violations had to do with promising or receiving a bribe, obstructing the free will of a voter, forcing or prohibiting participation in a pre-election campaign, obstructing the work of journalists, hooliganism, etc. So far, nine criminal cases have been launched; the rest are at different stages of investigation. 

12 p.m.: As of noon, Armenia’s police had registered 21 complaints; 14 of those were found not to have elements of a crime, while the rest did not. The remaining seven are being investigated based on Articles 180 and 181 of the Criminal Code: Four were related to multiple voting, one related to violating voting privacy, one related to vandalism of furniture, and another related to inflicting bodily harm. One of those cases was registered in Yerevan and the other six in different regions of the country. 

12 p.m.: Gagik Tsarukyan, leader of the Prosperous Armenia Party cast his vote. Speaking to journalists afterwards, he said that he voted in the name of a secure and prosperous homeland. Asked if he would form a coalition with Pashinyan if the issue were to arise, Tsarukyan said that this option has been ruled out.

11:30 a.m.: Armenia’s second President Robert Kocharyan and leader of the Armenia Alliance cast his vote. Afterward he had a short interview with the press where he said he voted for a dignified peace and economic prosperity and growth.

11:15 a.m.: Armenia’s Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan came to the polling station with his wife and four children to cast his vote in the election. He said he voted in the name of Armenia’s future.

11:10 a.m.: Artur Vanetsyan, former head of the National Security Service and leader of the I Am Honored Alliance (that includes the Republican Party of Armenia and the Homeland Party) cast his vote. Vanetsyan said he voted in the name of a secure and prosperous Armenia.

11 a.m.: According to the Central Electoral Commission, as of 11 a.m., over 316,000 citizens (12.2%) have cast their vote in the early parliamentary election. Voter turnout is higher than the 7.8% (200,000) reported in the 2018 early parliamentary election.

Yerevan - 120,166 out of 859,000 voters (13.99%)
Aragatsotn - 12,318 out of 117,472 voters (10.49%)
Ararat - 27,676 out of 223,360 voters (12.39%)
Armavir - 23,488 out of 235,840 voters (9.96%)
Gegharkunik - 18,556 out of 189,527 voters (9.79%)
Lori - 26,086 out of 233,552 voters (11.17%)
Kotayk - 30,342 out of 242,022 voters (12.54%)
Shirak - 19,106 out of 226,763 voters (8.40%)
Syunik - 17,269 out of 109,726 voters (19.74%)
Vayots Dzor - 5,699 out of 46,620 voters (12.22%)
Tavush - 15,585 out of 109,690 voters (14.21%)

10:55 a.m.: Arman Babajanyan of the Shirinyan-Babajanyan Democrats’ Alliance wrote on his Facebook page that shots were fired at his car. “When the murderer, the thief, the mobster is free and participates in elections, we will not avoid such incidents,” Babajanyan wrote.

10:50 a.m.: Edmon Marukyan, leader of the Bright Armenia Party, one of the two opposition parties in parliament, cast his vote. He told reporters that Armenia needs a government of national unity. 

10:28 a.m.: The Masis Police Department received a call at 8:30 a.m. that shots had been fired at 11/11 polling station in the village of Azatashen. Police were dispatched to the scene. An apparent quarrel had erupted outside the polling station between the representatives of the Prosperous Armenia Party and Ascent (Verelk) Party. According to police, a gas pistol had been fired. An investigation is underway.

10 a.m.: President Armen Sarkissian cast his ballot.

9 a.m.: Armenia’s Central Electoral Commission (CEC) held a press conference providing details of the electoral process. They will be releasing the number of citizens who have voted every three hours. According to the Chair of the CEC, Tigran Mukuchyan, 500 citizens who were eligible, voted electronically between June 11-13. The results of that vote will be announced at the close of the polls at 8 p.m. There are 21 parties and four alliances of parties who are taking part in the election with a total of 2510 candidates. He said that 68 local and 49 foreign media have received accreditation to cover the elections.

9 a.m.: Dr. Armen Charchyan, director of the Izmirlian Medical Center and candidate for the Armenia Alliance, was released from prison this morning. Charchyan was arrested on Friday for allegedly forcing employees of the hospital to vote for the Armenia Alliance. His lawyer, Erik Aleksanyan, wrote about this on his Facebook page.

8 a.m.: Polls across Armenia have opened. According to the Central Electoral Commission, there are 2,578,678 eligible voters in the Republic of Armenia and 2,008 electoral precincts throughout the country.


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