Armenian Citizen in Azerbaijani Captivity

The Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan released a video on June 21 of a man they allege is a captured Armenian soldier. They claimed that the man was apprehended after an attempt by the Armenian military to infiltrate into Azerbaijani territory.

Artsakh: War or Stalemate?

Political analyst Armen Grigoryan writes that negotiations for a peaceful settlement of the Artsakh conflict have hit a wall and resulted in escalations on the frontline bolstering Azerbaijan's inclination towards a military solution to the conflict.

Armenophobia in Azerbaijan: Causes and Effects

An entire generation of Azerbaijanis has grown up in an atmosphere of hate against the Armenians. State-sponsored Armenophobia has penetrated all spheres of Azerbaijani society. Political Scientist Anzhela Elibegova examines the causes and effects of that policy.

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