Laurie Alvandian

Laurie Alvandian is a US-born librarian and library advocate based in Yerevan. She currently works at the National Library of Armenia and runs the social media project "(De)construct the Library," which aims to deconstruct outdated perceptions of librarianship and build a new future for Armenia's libraries. She earned her Master's in Information and Library Science from Pratt Institute in 2012. 

Articles by Laurie Alvandian

Impact Metrics to Help Revitalize Armenia's Libraries

The concept of looking at libraries through the lens of both usage and impact could potentially usher in a new era of support for Armenia’s libraries, and reverse their trajectory from outdated book repositories to impactful centers of community development.

Houses of Democracy: Why We Need to Fix Armenia's Crumbling Libraries

Modern libraries are anything but purely warehouses for books. They are people, ideas and lifestyles blending into each other. When well-funded and nurtured, they are the most democratic institutions we have today.

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