Stepanakert Shelled

stepanakert hit 01

Looking where the bomb might have hit after hearing the sound of explosion.

stepanakert hit 02

Foreign journalists at the sight of the explosion in Stepanakert.

stepanakert hit 03

stepanakert hit 04

Ten people working for the Rescue Service of Artsakh received non life-threatening injuries after Azerbaijani armed forces bombarded Stepanakert.

stepanakert hitagain 01

stepanakert hitagain 02

Two reseidential buildings heavily damaged in Stepanakert after a bomb hit the vicinity. Ten people were reported to be injured.

stepanakert hitagain 03

stepanakert hitagain 04

stepanakert hitagain 05

Residents of the buldings that were impacted by the exploision take shelter in the basement of the building fearing repeated shelling.

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