Varduhi Kirakosyan

Varduhi Kirakosyan is a researcher and assistant curator at HAYP Pop Up Gallery and IN SITU art agency. She graduated from the American University of Armenia with a degree in communications. Varduhi is also a freelance journalist, focusing on cultural themes which invoke anthropological research.

Articles by Varduhi Kirakosyan

Weaving a Safety Net: How Embroidering Links Two Waves of Armenian Refugees

For Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, and for Syrian-Armenians in Yerevan, crafting served as a way of earning a living and as a process of rebuilding and reimagining a social world through the temporal markers that help them nurture a sense of “home.”

Rediscovering the Body: The Painful Birth of Post-Soviet Performance Art

Although performance art has practically disappeared from the contemporary art scene as an autonomous medium, early practitioners had a profound impact in changing perceptions of the body in Armenia’s post-independence culture.

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