Paul Chaderjian

A writer, broadcast journalist and documentary film producer, Paul has written, produced and reported for ABC News in New York City, Al Jazeera International in Doha, Qatar, and a number of US television network affiliates in Fresno, New York and Honolulu.

Articles by Paul Chaderjian

Three Apples: The Relic

After decades of moving from city to city, writer and journalist Paul Chaderjian ends up with a relic that has no place in his two suitcases of mere essentials. A personal story that comes full circle from orphanages in Aleppo to civil war Beirut to Fresno and New York to Doha and Istanbul.

The Go Between and Ancient Voices that Beckon

In this moving piece, Paul Chaderjian writes about belonging and identity, of hovering in a ‘Go Between’ space, suspended between two worlds and how unexpected encounters make connecting to the concept of home a reality.

The Go Between: A Challenge

In this post-Election essay, Paul Chaderjian reflects on how a group of his peers, men and women from all walks of life, made a collective effort on April 2 to serve as citizen observers in the homeland.

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