Maria Titizian

A writer and journalist, Maria has over 15 years of experience reporting the news from Armenia. She was Associate Editor of the Armenian Reporter, Managing Editor at CivilNet, lectures at the American University of Armenia and is the Editor-in-Chief of EVN Report. 

Articles by Maria Titizian

It Has To Be Said: Soil

Armenians have worshipped the soil since antiquity. Farming was once the main occupation of the people; the soil and working the land were the symbols of the continuity of life and fertility.

It Has To Be Said: A Century of Disruption and Fracture

For over a century, almost every generation has experienced a disruption of continuity, security and safety, resulting in a cycle of upheaval, writes Maria Titizian.

It Has To Be Said: Living on the Border

Border settlements are unequivocally and strategically vital for the security of Armenia and Artsakh. Protecting them militarily, economically and socially needs to be a national priority.

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