Artin DerSimonian

Artin is a Champlain College graduate with a degree in Management and Innovation. He is a contributing writer for Grit Daily News where he focuses on public policy and international relations. Artin has interned at the Armenian Embassy in Washington, DC and has taught a summer course at the American University of Armenia. 

Articles by Artin DerSimonian

Between Belt and Road

Armenia and China share a rich history in which mercantilist Armenians played a noteworthy role in the exchange of goods along the Silk Road. Although the Armenian state today is vastly different from a millennium ago, that industrious character remains in the Armenian spirit.

Geography is Inescapable

Following Moscow’s facilitation of the ceasefire agreement ending the 2020 Artsakh War, some are asking whether Armenia should pursue “more Russia or less Russia.” The reality of the matter is that geography is inescapable.

Armenia in the Biden Era

With Russia and now Turkey having new footholds in the South Caucasus following the 2020 Artsakh War, will Washington under the Biden administration attempt to counter these new developments?

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