Tatevik Hayrapetyan

Tatevik Hayrapetyan is an expert in Azerbaijani studies and holds a PhD in History. She was an MP at the 7th convocation of Armenia's National Assembly. Being involved in the activities of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs she was also a member of the Armenian Delegation at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. She is mainly focused on domestic developments in Azerbaijan, particularly examining the impact of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict on internal politics. She is co-author of one monograph, the author of two monographs, and more than 40 scientific and analytical articles.

Articles by Tatevik Hayrapetyan

Unblocking the South Caucasus or Blocking Armenia’s Chances?

A year after the end of the war in Artsakh, Armenia and Azerbaijan are far from a sustainable peace. Regardless of how many olive branches are gifted to the leaders of the two sides, we are once again back to a “no war, no peace” situation, writes Tatevik Hayrapetyan.

Russian-Azerbaijani Relations: Tension or Intention?

Back in early October, a resident of Martakert was shot dead by Azerbaijani fire while he was driving a tractor. A Russian peacekeeper was sitting right beside him at the time. What is behind Azerbaijan’s provocations?

Who Is Armenia’s Peace Partner?

Azerbaijan and Turkey are not interested in peace. With the new realities on the ground following Azerbaijan’s military success, the Armenian Government should be careful when promising an “era of peace” to its people.

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