Raffi Elliott

Raffi Elliott is a Canadian-Armenian journalist and political risk analyst based in Yerevan. He studies the intersection between technology and civil liberties, while occasionally commenting on political, socio-economic and urbanism issues in Armenia.

Articles by Raffi Elliott

Ethiopian Civil War Threatens Addis Ababa Armenian Community

Ethiopia’s historic Armenian community is bracing for renewed fighting as the country’s year-long civil war reaches the outskirts of the capital, Addis Ababa. What will be the fate of the Armenians living there?

The All Armenian Fund: Donors Still Waiting for the Audit

Controversy erupted after the Hayastan All Armenian Fund transferred 60% of funds donated during and after the war to the state budget. The absence of a complete audit almost a year since it was first proposed leaves donors still asking “where is the money?”

Getting to Choose the Least Bad Option

Armenians may be wary of going to the polls in the upcoming snap parliamentary elections, but democracy remains the only option on the ballot.

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