Patrick Azadian

Patrick Azadian was born in Tehran, Iran to an Armenian family. He settled in the United States in 1977, a year before the Iranian Revolution, an event that would alter the fabric of his family life. He studied Physics at the University of California, Los Angeles, and Industrial Engineering at the University of Southern California. He left his studies to pursue a career in graphic design and branding. He returned to UCLA and earned his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Sociology and Master’s of Arts degree in Higher Education Leadership and Management from Philadelphia’s Drexel University. He worked in higher education for nine years while he was a columnist for the Glendale News-Press, an LA Times-Tribune Publication, contributing fiction, satire and opinion pieces on a weekly basis. The column, titled From the Margins, lasted for five years. Aaron Shure, the Emmy-winning producer/writer for the television series Everybody Loves Rayond said about Azadian’s writings in the Glendale News-Press: “He finds universal themes in local politics while untangling delicate knots of culture, race, and personal history. You can’t argue with a guy who makes Glendale interesting.” Azadian is a contributing writer to the Asbarez Daily and was published in the Turkish language Radikal, a liberal daily Istanbul weekly, as well as the Armenian Reporter.

Patrick Azadian lives in Glendale, California.


Articles by Patrick Azadian

The Old Man on Avenida de Mayo

Patrick Azadian writes of unexpected human encounters and missed opportunities in this first work of fiction for EVN Report. The Old Man on Avenida de Mayo takes place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Yerevan Morning

Join Patrick Azadian as he wanders through the streets of Yerevan on a cold winter morning.

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