Maria Titizian

A writer and journalist, Maria has over 15 years of experience reporting the news from Armenia. She was Associate Editor of the Armenian Reporter, Managing Editor at CivilNet, lectures at the American University of Armenia and is the Editor-in-Chief of EVN Report. 

Articles by Maria Titizian

The Aftermath

This is not a story about war. This is the story of what happens after the bullets, missiles, bombs and drones no longer fly through the autumn air. Maria Titizian recounts her journey to Artsakh last year, two days after the signing of the trilateral statement ending the war.

Sourki and Banderoum Hootz: The Food of My Memories

A traditional cheese bread made with sourki or shinklish called banderoum hootz in the dialect of Musa Ler is more than a recipe. It’s a memory, a cultural marker of identity, belonging and home.

It Has to Be Said: Points of Convergence

After a bitter election campaign, three political forces are poised to enter parliament. What they do and how they behave will determine the future of the country.

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