Kushane Chobanyan

Kushane Chobanyan graduated from Yerevan State University’s Faculty of Journalism. She is Young European Ambassador, a project implemented by the EU Neighbours East as part of the Young European Neighbours youth network. She hosts her own program at Public Radio of Armenia  called "Get to Know Me.” Kushane loves travelling, watching documentaries, watermelon and chocolate.  

Articles by Kushane Chobanyan

Armenian Recycled Art: Imagine There’s No Garbage

Armenia produces a lot of garbage. Innovative artists throughout the country are taking that waste and turning it into art.

“Soccer is [Not] a Girl’s Game”

Women in Armenia are challenging traditional perceptions that rigidly define the role of men and women in all spheres of life including sports. Kushane Chobanyan talks with women soccer players who are breaking those stereotypes.

How to Respect, Not Waste, Food

Food waste is a serious global issue. Roughly one third of the food produced globally gets lost or wasted. In fact, most of it ends up in a landfill. What is Armenia doing to tackle this issue?

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