Hranoush Dermoyan

Hranoush Dermoyan has a Bachelor's Degree in Turkish Studies from Yerevan State University and a Master's Degree in Political Science and International Affairs from the American University of Armenia. She also holds a certificate from Hetq Media Factory. 

Hranoush worked in the tourism industry for many years but is changing her career path aspiring to become a political analyst. She is interested in Armenian-Turkish relations, political processes in Turkey and the Caucasus, and internal political developments in Armenia. 


Articles by Hranoush Dermoyan

The Nuclear Option

Armenia’s Nuclear Power Plant in Metsamor is vital for Armenia’s energy security; it also poses dangers that are often overlooked. While the focus has been its location, less public scrutiny has been paid to its ongoing environmental impact.

Armenia’s Post-COVID Tourism Development Prospects

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the tourism industry hard globally and Armenia was not spared. Another obstacle hindering development prospects for tourism in Armenia is regional and border stability which will also play an important role when travel resumes in full force.

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