Gevorg Mnatsakanyan

The son of a diplomat, Gevorg has spent most of his life in transition between his homeland Armenia and a splendid display of European countries. He currently studies English and Communications at the American University of Armenia with an eye on a graduate degree in journalism. 

Articles by Gevorg Mnatsakanyan

Arshaluys: A New Dawn in Berd

Why is Arshaluys Amsih, originally from Lebanon, spending two years in the border town of Berd? She is one of the growing numbers of Teach for Armenia Fellows teaching disadvantaged children in Armenia’s underserved regional schools.

Why Haven’t You Registered? Armenia’s Problem of Illegal Garbage Dumps

An abundance of illegal garbage dumps and legislation that is sometimes unclear about the responsibilities of different governmental bodies with regards to waste management, it’s a wonder Armenia hasn’t drowned in a sea of trash.

Sona Hovhannisyan: In Between Times

Artistic Director of the Hover State Chamber Choir and first woman Rector of the Yerevan State Conservatory, Sona Hovhannisyan is a trailblazer who lives, exists and creates between sweeping times of change and transformation.

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