Arto Vaun

Arto Vaun is a poet and musician. He is director of the Center for Creative Writing at AUA and founding editor of Locomotive. His first book, Capillarity, was published in 2009 and his work has appeared in various journals and anthologies. He is on the editorial advisory board of EVN Report. 

Articles by Arto Vaun

Bread and Fire: Change Starts Within Each of Us

Arto Vaun writes about the passing of Artur Sargsyan, the man who broke through heavy police barricades to deliver food to the Sasna Dzrer and in doing so, became something of a legend.

Song Fragment for April Afternoon

Photojournalist Eric Grigorian and poet Arto Vaun collaborate in this piece that combines haunting portraits from the Four Day War last April with an evocative new poem.

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