Armen of Armenia (Ohanyan)

Armen Hayastantsi (Armen Ohanyan) is a fiction writer and columnist. He is the President of PEN Armenia Center since 2017. He is the author of a collection of short stories, "The Return of Kikos" (2013) and the 2015 novel "Mommyland: Flag."

Articles by Armen of Armenia (Ohanyan)


"Not a True Story But a Real Story" series is a reflection on individual transformations of collective identity and the concept of home. Armen of Armenia (Ohanyan) ponders why “housecat-like Armenians” didn’t just sit tight within their four walls when they could have become “heroes” by simply staying home.


After 54 years of standing still on her pedestal with a sword in her hand, Mother Armenia decides to look for a pool of water to rest her swollen feet in...

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