Ani Avetisyan

Ani Avetisyan earned her MA in Economics from the Russian–Armenian University in 2011. In 2014, she defended her thesis: “Problems and Mechanisms of Population Incomes Equalization,” receiving her PhD in Economics. Currently Ani holds the position of Associate Professor at the Department of Economic Theory and Problems of Transition Economies at Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University. Ani has actively been involved in many research projects funded by national and international organizations, such as the Science Committee of Armenia, World Bank, the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) and many others. One of the projects she was engaged in, “The Depopulation Crisis in Armenia” was devoted to migration issues, demographic and economic challenges in Armenia. The international speaking tour of the project covered such cities as Beirut, Paris, Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles. She has received several awards for scientific achievements, including the "Astana Club of Nobel Laureates," open student research competition among CIS countries. Ani is the author of more than 30 scientific pieces published in international peer reviewed journals.

Articles by Ani Avetisyan

COVID19: The Story Behind the Numbers

Economist Ani Avetisyan takes a closer look at the numbers behind the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Economic Significance of the Minimum Monthly Wage

Armenia’s minimum wage is set to increase in 2020. When setting the minimum wage, governments need to take a balanced and evidence-based approach that considers the needs of workers and their families on the one hand and economic factors on the other.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Challenges in the Labor Market and Education

Global trends demand new requirements in education and labor markets. To remain competitive, a country has to embark on creating, developing and implementing innovation while focusing, more than ever, on the development of a knowledge-based economy and pushing research and development forward. How will Armenia fare?

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