Never Shutting Up About the Cause of Armenia

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After enlisting in the US Army at the age of 17 and serving several tours in Afghanistan, Joe Kassabian returned and published his novel “Hooligans of Kandahar.” Kassabian also hosts a popular military history podcast series called Lions Led by Donkeys. During a recent visit to Armenia, Kassabian spoke to EVN Report about the 2020 Artsakh War, the frustration of the biased coverage of the war, the absence of nuance and how he plans on never shutting up about the cause of Armenia.

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The methodology employed in the teaching of Armenian history must be reevaluated according to historian Zohrab Gevorgyan. An expert on the ancient Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, Gevorgyan says that over time, myths and personalization have become central themes in the teaching and understanding of Armenians’ collective history.

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