Mikayel Zolyan

Mikayel Zolyan is a historian and political analyst from Yerevan, Armenia. He is an associate professor at Brusov University of Languages and Social Sciences in Yerevan. His interests are in ethnic conflict, politics of nationalism and ethnicity, as well as issues of democratization and nation-building in the post-Soviet context. Zolyan's analytical articles and academic papers have been published in Armenia and abroad. 

Articles by Mikayel Zolyan

Development of Science or Social Justice? The Student Protests and What is at Stake

There are protests on the streets of Yerevan again. This time it is a student protest against a controversial bill on mandatory military service. One of the most powerful student protest movements in Armenia was in 2004 and ironically, some participants of these earlier protests are today themselves pushing for the abolishment of draft deferment for university students from ARP ranks.

To Be or Not to Be Prime Minister?

Will Serzh Sargsyan become prime minister after the end of his second term as president of Armenia? Will he be ready to relinquish power? Political analyst Mikayel Zolyan offers some compelling analysis.

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