Artin DerSimonian

Artin is a Champlain College graduate with a degree in Management and Innovation. He is a contributing writer for Grit Daily News where he focuses on public policy and international relations. Artin has interned at the Armenian Embassy in Washington, DC and has taught a summer course at the American University of Armenia. 

Articles by Artin DerSimonian

Can Trade Prevent War?

Given the growing sense of global multipolarity and the apparent twilight years of the American-anchored liberal international order, Armenia cannot solely rely on friends and allies around the globe to ensure its survival. A more realistic approach is necessary.

Short to Mid-term Steps for Post-War Armenia

Armenia can either unify around a shared vision for the future or digress into internal political strife. Artin DerSimonian explores what a unified Armenian vision for the future could include if the country is to continue on the path of healthy socio-economic development.

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